What if I told you that you could Force the credit bureaus to DELETE your bad credit???

The name of our company is Truly Fair Credit and we have a proven, nearly foolproof credit repair system to delete and rebuild people’s bad credit. No matter.
How bad it is.  
Quite simply, If someone has bad credit items- We repair them. Quickly and Permanently. We can remove anything from Foreclosures to bankruptcies to Late Payments, Student loans, and any other kind of late payment you have.
******* GONE *******
We know that we can do this because
ON AVERAGE we delete nearly 50% of our clients’ bad items in the VERY FIRST 30 DAYS. I don’t need to tell you that your bad credit is going to hold you back – You already know that.  So our program of credit repair will be exactly what you need. You don’t deserve to have to constantly worry about your credit.  As you find yourself reflecting on all of the reasons you may want to repair your credit now you can begin to realize all of the good things that come from it.


Buying a new house Getting that car or truck that you always wanted That dream job Or just saving money on the stuff you have. and the satisfaction that comes from a doing what you need to.

 **** When you enroll in the Credit Fixed Fast credit repair program ,we are going to attack your credit from 3 angles at once:

Credit Repair Attack Plan 1 : Attack the creditors!!

We will immediately and repeatedly attack all of your creditors. Because of the importance of credit reporting in our society, the people who report your bad credit to the bureaus actually have a very high legal standard.There are MANY, MANY state and federal laws they must follow.  

Unfortunately, they are not very good at following them. Or, I guess I should say FORTUNATELY for those of us who want to repair and remove those items!!

Here’s the thing, all of those laws are almost impossible for them to keep track of. Most of your creditors do their credit and collections out of 1 location. That location will handle accounts in all 50 states – maybe even internationally. Each of the 50 states have ever changing laws and rules, as well as revolving interpretation of Federal Law.

We know the rules…..We know the laws………..and we know how to point out to the creditors that they are not following them. 

Credit Repair Attack Plan 2 :We attack the future by building a new positive credit history!

Deleting the bad credit is only half of the job. It’s vitally important that you get some good, on-time credit on your report. To do this, we are going to give you an amazing technique that can actually get other people’s entire positive credit histories to appear on your credit report – with their permission. I had all 18 years of someone’s Discover Card added to my report. 

We are also going to give you links to several sources we have successfully used to get secured cards and loans to continue your credit improvement even after the program. We also have 2 banks that can set you up on CD programs that report as if they were installment loans.

Credit Repair Attack Plan 3 : (BEST ONE) :We go right to the source.

We attack the bureaus!! 
They are the ones who report the credit after all. Plus, as evidenced by the 60 Minutes Report, they are doing a HORRIBLE job of following the rules.Yeah, that says “40 million mistakes.”

Have you ever heard of  Section 609 before ?

Didn’t think so, most people haven’t that is the section of the Federal Law that governs the credit bureaus that we use against them. And we are good at it.This law says that the credit bureaus must have a specific set of original documentation in order to REPORT anything negative against you.

 Now you will notice that I say to REPORT anything against you. With these claims, we aren’t actually disputing the accuracy of the debt.We dispute their right to TELL ANYONE that you have bad credit.  

See the difference ? 

We win by learning the rules and finding the loopholes.They can’t just prove you owe the money, and say “Good enough” That is why we can remove negative credit, even  if it’s showing correctly.And that is a large part of why we have such high credit repair success rates. It's almost unbelievable to think that ON AVERAGE we actually get 47% of bad items fixed on the first try. And that is the AVERAGE – not ‘up to”. Plus, then we AVERAGE fixing another 19% on the 2nd and 15% more on the 3rd  try. 

                                                                                           "Reapir" should be "Repair"

For you, we are willing to PROVE IT.


Fortunately for you, there are some really scary Federal Laws that say we can’t lie about that stuff.  Equally good for you, we are willing to PROVE IT


Can we delete Bankruptcies??


Can we delete  __(just write whatever)__ 

Seriously, YES WE CAN!!!

Can we delete Foreclosures??  


Can we delete Student Loans??


Can we delete Mortgage Lates?


And Car Repos?  


Can we delete Judgments/Liens?    


Can we delete Collections? 


Can we delete charge-offs? 


Bottom line is that you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t already know that you credit is bad and you NEED credit repair. I’m not that good of a writer. You know your credit is bad. And I think you know that it’s going to hold you back at some point.  

Don’t wait until the transmission goes out on your car and you need to trade it off NOW, to get started. 

Don’t wait until your landlord screws you over and you need to get a new place immediately.

Don’t wait until your dream house comes available and you find out your score is 40 points too low……or you are under contract and your loan is 1.5% over market rates.

Don’t wait until you get offered that GREAT job offer and they say “we just need to run a background and credit check.”

Our Credit Fixed Fast credit repair works fast.But it’s illogical to think any program will ever be overnight. If you could remove your bad repair your bad credit overnight,why would anyone pay anything?? So, it’s important to take action BEFORE you need it. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency!! And we do what we can to make it affordable to enroll now. The total cost of the credit fixed fast program is just $399. That’s it.And your right, the savings WILL quickly pay for itself.

The Credit Fixed Fast credit repair program gives you 60 days in our proven system of credit restoration.In that time, we will send several rounds of dispute letters, record requests, and demands for deletion to your credits.This is generally enough time to get you 2 rounds of disputes to the credit bureaus.

Remember…….on average, these rounds of credit repair delete 47% and 19% of your bad items. AND,you also get several tips to use to build,establish, or acquire new,positive credit!  

All for just $399.   Plus,because we want you to have good credit, we will even let you pay it in 2, 3,or even 4 installments!!  

When you start the program – and the more you start seeing your credit improve – you will become more optimistic about your financial future and look back at now as the time you made a wise choice.  And you have the opportunity to feel very optimistic about the future when they have made the decision to finally enroll in our program that really does work.

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****** Think your credit will need more than 60 days worth of work??  Click HERE for our 6 month program!


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